GameReady Baseball is the go to app to help you boost your defensive position play.

GameReady-Baseball is a unique app designed for players of all ages and skill levels. While challenging your baseball IQ,  it will also help you gain the confidence needed to step on the field and be “gameready!”. The premise is that EVERY player needs to move on EVERY play. There are 75 core plays. You will have a chance to review the play, push START, and then have 1 minute and 3 “strikes” to move all 9 players into the correct defensive position.

GameReady-Baseball is a great teaching tool. You can even choose to “customize” or “create” your own plays!

How does it work?
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GameReady Baseball is an App, currently available on Apple and Android products, that teaches the proper way to play defensive baseball. It is like "chalk talk" or the "x's and o's" of how to properly align all nine guys on the field in any situation, and with any ball hit. More importantly, it's a fun and easy way to learn about the game. Anyone can do it! GameReady will also help you gain the confidence needed to step on the field and be "gameready!", bringing even more excitement to the game we all love.

GameReady is a unique, educational way to assist players of all levels in learning the defensive positioning fundamentals of baseball. From Little League to the Big Leagues, and all the Leagues in between, Coaches, Players, and Parents will love how easy it can be to teach baseball. When you or your team gets ready to step on the field they will be GameReady!

So, if you are to take your little league, high school, or college team to the next level, or just learning the game for yourself, download GameReady today!

Download GameReady Baseball and boost your
fielding skills with technology powered training

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Jeff "Coach" Messerly


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What people are saying.

"GameReady is a great app for teaching baseball situations to all levels of players. My favorite part of this app is how it requires the user to learn every position on the field. My players at BYU will benefit from using this app."

Mike Littlefield - Head Coach
Brigham Young University

"GameReady app is a great tool to teach all level of players the fundamentals of defense. I don't care what sport it is, defense wins championships. GameReady app is not only a great teaching app, it's fun to play!"

Rick Berry - General Manager
Orem Owls

"GameReady is a great appfor teaching any player defensive positioning. I believe that if they never score, you will never lose. Defense wins championships!"

Jeff "Coach" Messerly
Championship Coach