22 Hitting Tips

Hitting - "Every batter needs to adapt his thinking like a leadoff man and make it his main goal to get on base."

Mental Approach

  1. Look for a certain pitch, train yourself to see that pitch.
  2. Know what pitch you can hit well.
  3. The ability to get on base - to avoid making outs is crucial to your success.
  4. Good hitters develop power - power hitters don't become good hitters.
  5. Have a plan - what are you trying to accomplish at each at bat?
  6. Train your eyes to see pitches as early as possible.
  7. Practice always in game situations - speed.
  8. Eyes left to right (reading) to find release point.
  9. Own the batters box.
  10. Observe your opponent before you get in the batters box.

Physical Approach

  1. Solid foundation 60/40 weight balance.
  2. Load early - be in a strong position - balance.
  3. Head still (quiet) - shoulders rotate around.
  4. Hands above the baseball.
  5. Focus on the upper inner half of the ball.
  6. Head behind hands.
  7. Back knee inside foot.
  8. Lower body leads the way - hips then hands.
  9. Lead with front elbow - push (punch) with top or back hand.
  10. Swing at strikes - put your swing on it.
  11. Count in your favor - act like it (when you swing).
  12. To become a good hitter you have to spend hours of practice focusing on the mechanics of your swing - correctly.