Catchers Tips

Catchers - The leaders of our defense

Mental Approach

The catcher is the on-field coach. The catcher has the best view on the field allowing him to make split decisions on where the ball should be thrown. We expect our catchers to be the leader while our team is on the field.

If a team is short on talent, experience and desire behind the plate, then your championships are done.

  1. Take control of the game
  2. Block every ball and keep it in front of you
  3. Chest protector is primary contact point, your glove is a bonus!
  4. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your pitchers (bullpen)
  5. Throw runners out

Physical Approach

  1. One handed position
  2. Sign - Target - Stance
  3. Glove hand relaxed
  4. Fingers skyward
  5. Glove above elbow
  6. Range - lateral movement
  7. Eyes follow ball - don't lunge
  8. Head still
  9. Square chest - frame
  10. Anticipation (you called it)