Defensive Strategies

Most games are LOST not Won!

Every defensive player has a role on EVERY PLAY!

The team that makes the “fewest” errors in fielding and throwing is the team that wins

The (your) focus should be on making the basic or routine play

The top 4 reasons for failure (errors) that players do
1- Hurry their throws
2- Throw off balance
3- Are out of position
4- Do not know what to do
Players on Defense must know their role and objective of each Play, Everbody has a job on EVERY Ball in Play, BE THERE!

Your range on the field- Do you know what and where it is? Figure it out Fast

Hands- Down to Up, Out to In, Ball to Center, Ball to Throwing Shoulder
Eyes Level to the Ball
Feet in Balance- Right to left, Left to Target

Defensive Communication is KEY- Plan (THINK) ahead be Proactive