Infielders tips

Infielders - 'Make the play'

Mental Approach

  1. Do I know the pitch and where to set up for the batter?
  2. Do I know where to go with the ball?
  3. How many outs?
  4. Who is covering which base?
  5. Am I aware of what the base runner is doing?
  6. Where are my outfielders?
  7. Where is the sun?
  8. Glance at the dugout after every pitch.
  9. Be alert for base runners trying to pick the signs
  10. Be somewhere on every play - think one throw, play and out ahead.

Physical Approach

  1. Pre-pitch routine - develop rhythm - smooth - move your feet every pitch.
  2. Set - Ready - React - when ball is in the strike zone.
  3. Lateral movement - head leads - right foot follows
  4. Land the Plane - don't bounce on the ball.
  5. Belly button right side of ball.
  6. Work low - ground to up - same level as ball to get a good read.
  7. Shuffle feet ankle to ankle - don't cross behind.
  8. Round the ball when able to be square with throwing target.
  9. Elbow up to shoulder - thumb under the ball when possible to throw.
  10. Play catch.
  11. Do not glide after the ball - explode - be aggressive - then slow it down - get there.
  12. Double play - square up give good target.
  13. What is my range? Leave your feet.
  14. When do I block a throw and when do I pick?
  15. Communicate with each other every pitch.
  16. Pop-up communication is I GOT IT and YOU, YOU (not ball, ball).
  17. Play cat and mouse with base runners.
  18. Back up, back up, back up.