Outfielder Tips

Outfielders - 'The Last Line of Defense'

Mental Approach

  1. What is the situation, who is the hitter?
  2. Look to the dugout for positioning every hitter.
  3. Where is the sun, or lights, fence?
  4. Keep the double play in order.
  5. Throw to the lead base.

Physical Approach

  1. Move feet every pitch - don't be a pigeons target.
  2. Anytime a line drive is hit at you - get sideways fast.
  3. Play through fly balls.
  4. Take the quickest route to the ball (hit , route, catch).
  5. Communicate early and often.
  6. Call ball on the way down - I GOT IT, YOU, YOU (not ball, ball)
  7. Centerfielder take charge - field general.
  8. 4 seam grip when possible, throw over the top, thumb under the ball.
  9. Always point shoulder, hip, knee at your target.
  10. Never take more than 2 1/2 steps to get rid of the ball.
  11. Anytime you misstep the runner gains 3 steps (6ft).
  12. Do not short hop your basemen, one hop or all the way (learn how)
  13. Know when to dive and when to keep the ball in front of you.
  14. Backup every play somewhere, think 1 throw ahead.
  15. Hit the cutoff man.
  16. Back up, back up, back up.