Pitchers Tips

"Have a purpose for every pitch and a plan for every hitter."

Mental Approach - How to Win

  1. Get ahead of the hitter - 'strikes'
  2. Do not umpire
  3. Gontrol tempo - work quickly
  4. Throw quality strikes on both sides of the plate
  5. Pitch backwards
  6. Don't be predictable
  7. 0-2 get him with the next 2 pitches
  8. 2-2 throw your out pitch in a good location
  9. 3-2 go with you strength that day
  10. Control base runners

Physical Approach

  1. Be agressive on the mound
  2. Be an athlete
  3. Want the baseball
  4. Compete on every pitch
  5. Don't slow down your mechanics on off speed pitches
  6. Don't be predictable - vary your looks at all bases
  7. Look for ways to get our of trouble - picks
  8. Location, location, location
  9. Movement
  10. Speed
  11. Backup, backup, backup